User: Cheng Wang, California

TTS-160 Panther Mount

“The biggest advantage of TTS Panther over a GEM with similar payload capacity is its light weight.  I use FS-152 and 8-in zerochromat for visual observation so that I had to use a G-11 for tracking.  With two little boys crawling and running around the house, I have to store my astro gears upstairs to avoid accidents.  Will I carry the Losmandy HD tripod up and down stairs?  Absolutely no since it will break my back in no time.  With TTS panther, it is a breeze to carry the pieces around the house.  So the panther mount is a life saver for me literally.

The other advantage of TTS panther is that it does not require polar alignment.  I have bright street lights in front of my house so I usually observe in the backyard.  The problem is that the house not only blocks the street light but also blocks the Polaris from view.  With TTS panther, this is no longer a concern and the simple 2-star alignment is more than enough for my visual use.

Last but not the least is the build quality of this mount.  The moment you see it in person you will fall in love with it.  I know I have.”


Cheng Wang, La Mesa, California

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