Find True Darkness With a Portable Telescope Mount

With a portable telescope mount, it’s easier to get to the ideal location for stargazing which may not always be in your backyard. The best observations occur in remote dark places. It’s easier to view and image the Milky Way, Galaxies, or other faint deep sky objects far from the gaudy glare of city lights.

But you also know the challenge of getting all the equipment packed in the car, moved to the observation spot and finally setup and aligned to get startet.

With the TTS-160 Panther Mount we have minimised all the hassle making it easier to get out and use your wonderful telescope.

Transportation – Two Compact Bags

The TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount fits easily in two compact bags – one for the folding pier and one for the mount head. The mount is designed with no protruding parts so it fits into the soft and slim neoprene bags and is well protected. No need for large bulky transport cases known from the German Equatorial Mount.

2 large TTS bags made in the trunk of a car to show their size
2 large bags made for holding the TTS-160 Mount Head and TTS-160 Folding Pier

Setting up Pier and Mount head

Arrived at the observation spot setting up the mount is extremely easy:

  • Few parts to assemble
  • One finger handle to fix mount head
  • No tools needed
  • No leveling needed


Install the telescope and start observing

The telescope is easily installed in the 3″ dovetail saddle on the top of the mount head. Slide the counterweights to complete balancing and you are ready to start. No polar alignment is needed to achieve precise go-to and tracking.

For simple visual observations just point to any bright star, planet or sun and start the tracking immediately.

For astrophotography or more serious visual observations add another alignment star and the software secures perfect go-to and tracking.


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