Alt-Az technology for
perfect night sky observations

TTS-160 Panther

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A compact and easy to setup folding pier

TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier

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A sturdy observatory mount for
the night sky enjoyer

TTS-300 Mammoth

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Presice Equatorial tracking
without polar alignment

Telescope rOTAtor

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– making you a more active astronomer with

Premium Photographic and Visual Alt-Az Telescope Mounts

At Track The Stars we know the hassle of living in the city and having to go out of one way to find a suitable dark site for capturing the beautiful night sky. That is why we designed the TTS-160 Panther Mount for quick setup and a smooth design for easy transport.


  • A compact, easy-to-transport telescope mount
  • Much quicker setup time – no levelling needed
  • A fast aligning process – no need for polar alignment
A Takahashi TOA-130 and a Lunt 80mm mounted on a TTS-160 panther telescope mount

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Setup and tear down is a breeze. I can setup the pier, mount and telescope in just a few minutes. The pier is also a work of art and very sturdy. Unlike other mounts that ‘growl’, my Panther quietly ‘purrs’ when slewing to a target. No neighbors are harmed during my middle-of-the-night evaluation.

The alt-az movement pattern of the mount is ideal for an observatory used by a large audience. The mount takes up less space than a traditional German Equatorial Mount of similar capacity and the eyepieces and other instruments are always situated in a good observing position.

Niels Foldager, owner of a Panther Telescope Mount looking through his telescope

My TTS-160 Panther mount is much easier to transport. It is extremely fast to setup and only one alignment star is needed with no mechanical alignment involved. … You immediately sense that the Panther is designed by someone who has tried to fumble with equipment in darkness with cold fingers. The mount has many elegant details and is mechanically very well constructed.

Sometimes uncomplicated visual is the way to go, and the TTS-160 Panther is about as easy, accurate and fun a mount for visual you can find and it does visual to with no polar alignment necessary. Imagine an Alt-Az mount designed for accurate go-to, simple and quick setup, and if you want, imaging.

High Quality and Precision in Design, Materials, and Manufacturing

Track The Stars telescope mounts have been designed using danish design principles for an ultimate user experience. All components are made from high-quality materials with an attractive and resilient surface. Securely protected inside the housing is the unique integrated roller and wormdrive, that give smooth precise tracking within a limited envelope. By rethinking the Alt-Az telescope mount Track The Stars has invented an optional telescope rOTAtor, creating a unique transportable astrophotography platform with no polar alignment needed. Each mount is assembled in our workshop and sky-tested to ensure premium performance.

Get out there

The TTS 160 Panther telescope mount gives you the easiest way to get to the darkest sky. Portable, stable and simple to use, the TTS 160 Panther has everything you need to achieve the ideal stargazing experience in two compact bags. Discover stargazing as it should be – out there far from the city lights – with the TTS160 Panther telescope mount.

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