Featured Products

  • TTS-160 Panther Pier Extension

     159.00 ex.Vat |  198.75 incl.VAT
  • TTS-160 Panther Tripod Adapter

     99.00 ex.Vat |  123.75 incl.VAT
  • TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head

     9,990.00 ex.Vat |  12,487.50 incl.VAT
  • Counterweight set 2×8 kg for TTS-300

     289.00 ex.Vat |  361.25 incl.VAT

Get out there

The TTS 160 Panther telescope mount gives you the easiest way to get to the darkest sky. Portable, stable and simple to use, the TTS 160 Panther has everything you need to achieve the ideal stargazing experience in two compact bags. Discover stargazing as it should be – out there far from the city lights – with the TTS160 Panther telescope mount.