BBC Sky at Night Magazine

4.5 out of 5 stars

“The Panther TTS-160 is extremely well engineered and offers portability, quick set up, excellent tracking and accurate Go-To capabilities.”

– Pete Lawrence, Reviewer, BBC Sky at Night

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Astronomy Technology Today

“I mean, alt/az is the best for visual: no contortions, no rotations, eyepiece(s) always at the right spot.”

– Mark Zaslove on using the Track-The-Stars (TTS-160) Panther Mount

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Astronomy Now – British Magazine

“With the TTS-160 you are paying for low-volume, bespoke precision engineering that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, the mount has enthusiastic support from its manufacturers and a growing fan base worldwide.”

– Astro Kit Review: TTS-160 Panther mount (Ade Ashford)

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Niels Foldager, owner of a Panther Telescope Mount looking through his telescope