User: James Hudson, Colorado

Dear Niels,
Just a few words to share how very pleased I am with my new Panther mount – its design and performance are both superb and exactly as represented. With the very first use and I was up and running in under 10 minutes – everything outside, pier and mount head erect, scope balanced, and slewing to one alignment star to begin observing… more accuracy? the ‘synchronize’ function and the ability to ‘go to & align on’ in the command structure let me be as tight as needed (sans formal guiding).

I must also commend you for how well everything was packed for shipping and subsequently handled from Copenhagen to Colorado – no impact damage, no product movement, the boxes were barely dusty… very impressive.

The bespoke Track The Stars zipper bags are great – individually sized, perfect for carrying or storage, and my dear bride loves that last part. But the mount is not stored away – it’s up and in the family room with a scope on it. Very attractive, looks great, and family and friends are fascinated by the design… just begging to be taken outside… and we do.

An immensely portable, premium mount that is ‘just a few minutes from car to stars’… well done Niels, job very well done.

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