The Idea Behind Track The Stars


As an amateur astronomer, you know that the ideal location for stargazing may not always be in your backyard. The best observations occur in remote dark places. It’s easier to view and image the Milky Way, Galaxies or other faint deep sky objects far from the gaudy glare of city lights.

The Challenge

  • Most of us lives in light polluted areas
  • Most of us have to setup the mount and telescope for each observation session
  • Most telescope mounts are bulky to transport
  • Most telescope mounts takes time and skills to level, polar align and start up

The Solution

  • A compact easy to transport Telescope Mount
  • A telescope mount thats easier and faster to setup – NO leveling needed
  • A telescope mount that’s faster to align and start up – NO polar alignment needed
2 large bags made for holding the TTS-160 Mount Head and TTS-160 Folding Pier

We call it: The Fastest Way To The Darkest Sky

See the product configuration chart here.

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User Reports

Niels Foldager, owner of a Panther Telescope Mount looking through his telescope