SkyFi adapter on TTS mounts

Lots of TTS mount users enjoys using a SkyFi adapter and the SkySari app. We have made a short guide on how to set up and use this system.

TTS-160, TTS-300 SkyFi connection

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  1. Robert Seymour
    Robert Seymour says:

    Hi Neils.
    I purchased the TTS-160 back in November 2017

    I’ve just purchased a SkiFi unit (the same as on the connection blog page) but i don’t have a cable like that ?
    You show a coiled telephone type cable. Can i get one from anywhere ?
    I am not sure where to source one from, and am worried about getting something incompatible with the incorrect voltage, and damaging the unit or mount (or both)

    Thanks, hope you can help.
    Robert. (Derby, UK)

    • Niels Haagh
      Niels Haagh says:

      Hi Robert,
      The serial connection cable has the same configuration as the Meade LX90/ETX/Autostar serial cable. You should be able to get that many places. The 2 meter long serial cable that came with the Panther mount can also be used but a shorter cable is more practical for the SkyFi unit.

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