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The selling point for buying a TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount

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Setting up and aligning in 7 minutes

With the Panther Mount, the setup and alignment are easy. No levelling or polar alignment is needed. Just set up the pier, mount head and telescope. No tools are needed and there are no loose screws or other small parts to handle in the dark.

For visual observations align on just one object and you have goto and tracking.

For Astrophotography align on just two objects and you have precision goto and tracking.

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A TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount being build as a GIF
2 large bags made for holding the TTS-160 Mount Head and TTS-160 Folding Pier

Observe from the darkest places

The Panther mount has been designed for the easiest transport – no matter if it is into your backyard or remote dark sky sites. Utilising the compact and stable Alt-Az design it has been possible to create a telescope mount much more smooth and simple than competing high-end mounts. The design with no protruding parts leads to that the mount can be transported safely in two compact lightweight bags. No need for bulky transport cases.

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A flexible mount system for all your telescopes

The Panther mount system can be configured to match many needs. See some of the possible solutions below. Read more…

A TTS-300 Mammoth telescope mount with a Celestron 14" SCT, a TEC140mm APO, and a TeleVue 102mm

Mammoth Mount with Topmounted C14, side mounted TEC140, and side mounted TV 102is.

A TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount outside on a table at night

Top Mounted TEC-140 APO on a Mini Pier.

A TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount with 2 solar telescopes

Side mounted without counterweight arms. Lunt 152mm THA, Meade 8″ SCT.

An EuroENC bino scope on a TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount

Top Mounted Bino Telescope Takahashi FS120.

Equatorial tracking for perfect astrophotography

The many benefits of the Alt-Az mount usually mean you can’t do serious Astrophotography. For the Panther Mount, we have invented a completely new solution to this by introducing the telescope rOTAtor. With this unit installed on the mount head, the telescope will track equatorially for long exposure Astrophotography. Everything is controlled by the internal software based on the initial alignment. Read more…

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Picture of a TTS-160G rOTAtor

Astrophotos taken by users of the Panther Telescope Mount

To see more astrophotos like this taken by our talented users, go to our gallery here.

The Triangulum Galaxy (M33) taken with a TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount

M33 – 2.5 hours exposure with Tele Vue NP127is.

The Rosette Nebula (NGC2237), taken by Chris Howey with his TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount with a rOTAtor attached

Rosette Nebula – 8 hours with Borg 125SD.

The Andromeda Galaxy (M31) taken by Niels Haagh, with his TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount

Andromeda Galaxy – 5 hours with TEC140 APO.

NGC1399 in the Fornax Cluster, taken by Niels V. Christensen

NGC1333 – 5.5 hours with Tele Vue NP127is.

A closeup of the TTS rOTAtor

High-quality Danish Design

All Track the Stars mounts are 100% hand-built from high-quality materials.

Every detail is carefully designed and engineered to guarantee top quality combined with elegant Danish design.

We sky-test all mounts to ensure perfect performance for both visual use and high-quality long exposure astrophotography.

Examples of user set-ups

For more user reviews and set-ups, go to our review page.

Niels Foldager, owner of a Panther Telescope Mount looking through his telescope

Takahashi TOA 150mm APO refractor with Binoviewer.

A Takahashi TOA-130 and a Lunt 80mm mounted on a TTS-160 panther telescope mount

TOA-130 on the top mount and Lunt 80mm on the side mounted Vixen dovetail saddle.

A Pentax 75 SDHF on the left and a Intes Mk66 deluxe with a Baader C-ERF on the right.

A Celestron 11″ EdgeHD mount on the Panther Mount.


TTS-160 Panther Specifications

TypeAlt-Az mount with Equatorial tracking
Weight Mount Head (with topmount and arms)16 kg
MaterialsBlack Anodized Aluminium
Stainless Steel
Azimuth DriveØ100mm bronze worm gear drive combined with second stage friction roller gear. Springloaded worm assembly for zero backlash
Altitude DriveØ120mm bronze worm gear drive. Springloaded worm assembly for zero backlash
Drive MotorsDC servomotors with high resolution encoders (0.10arcsec step size)
Power Supply Needed12V 3A battery
Slewing Speed3 degrees per second
Telescope DovetailTop Mount has Dual Vixen/Losmandy Dovetail saddle. Additional Vixen size dovetail saddles can be installed on side arms.
Telescope Capacity22 kg on Topmount / 2 * 15 kg on side mount dovetail saddles – depending on telescope length and weight distribution
Object Catalogs InstalledPlanets, Messier Catalog, NGC Catalog, IC catalog, Bright Star Catalog
PC InterfaceLX200/ASCOM Interface. Works with all major planetarium and telescope control software packages.
Autoguider PortST4 compatible port
FirmwareThe internal firmware is stored inside the mount head and can be updated by the user via the PC interface.
Transport Bag sizeDiameter 180mm (7inch), Length 600mm (24 inch)
SpecificationsSpecifications are subject to change without notice

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Niels Foldager, owner of a Panther Telescope Mount looking through his telescope