1, 2, or 3 Telescope on One Mount

The joy of flexibility – Enjoy two or more telescopes on the same mount.

Many amateur astronomers uses more than one telescope or dreams about it. Sometimes you want to use the ultra sharp refractor and sometimes you want the big light bucket. Sometimes you want to image wide field objects and sometimes you want to take a high resolution image of a small galaxy. With the telescope mounts from Track The Stars you can setup for it all.

1 Telescope

Often you just want to use a single telescope for your observations. The mount system gives the following options for this.

TTS-160 Panther Mount with the Topmount saddle.
Suitable for larger telescopes. The solution to be used with the Telescope rOTAtor. Shown with TEC-140 APO.

TTS-160 Panther Mount with one side mounted dovetail saddle. Optimal for small and medium size telescopes when you want a light setup. No counterweights needed.

TTS-300 Mammoth mount with a single large telescope on the topmount. Shown with Celestron 14″ SCT.

2 Telescopes

Is the refractor or the larger reflector the better on Jupiter? Compare the sun in H-alpha and white light. Try the delight of a large Bino-scope. Both the Panther and the Mammoth Telescope Mount offers several possibilities for mounting two telescopes in parallel.

A TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount with 2 solar telescopes

TTS-160 Panther Mount with Two sidemounted telescopes for H-alpha and white light observations. Lunt 152mm THA, Meade 8″ SCT

An EuroENC bino scope on a TTS-160 Panther Telescope Mount

TTS-160 Panther Mount with 120 mm Bino-Scope (by Euro-EMC).

TTS-300 Mammoth Mount with topmounted Celestron C14 and sidemounted Televue 70mm Pronto.

3 Telescopes

Even three or more telescopes moving together always keeping the eyepieces in perfect position. Planetary imaging and short exposure deep sky imaging can be done right away. For long exposure astrophotography we recommend the Telescope rOTAtor or a dedicated camera rotator depending on telescope size and weight.

TTS-300 Mammoth Mount with topmounted Celestron C14, sidemounted TEC-140 APO , and sidemounted TeleVue 102IS.

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